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Stark Kremeier started ECO almost without � knowing it. What started out as doing volunteer work helping others with lawn care, grew into a full time commercial enterprise.

Stark says the company began without us even realizing it. I have always enjoyed working outdoors and landscaping and I liked helping people who were not sure of what they needed to do to improve the look of their property.  Pretty soon the company was installing and fixing sprinkler systems, doing complete landscape make overs, mowing and pest control. To my surprise, many of these people liked the work so much they wanted to use me full time for pay.

Before I knew it, I was getting many referal calls from these folk's friends, neighbors and family. The next thing I knew, I was getting referrals from individuals I worked for to start doing commercial property that they owned or managed. Soon I was working every night and weekend to keep up, while still working at my full time day job. I realized that I had a passion and talent for landscaping. With so many folks having faith in me, and my work, I realized maybe everyone was right; I was really good at this. Realizing that I really enjoy this work with a passion, I decided to make a lifelong career of it and ECO Management was created."

Standards of Quality Followed by ECO

  • One of the owners or a service manager works on the job, checks it upon completion, and provides feedback to the client. If something is not right we fix it then, not later.
  • We pay attention to small details. We don't leave grass and weeds growing out of cracks in concrete. Neither do we leave weeds unattended in flower beds. We also trim unsightly saplings sprouting from the base of tree trunks and any other over-growth.
  • We are very careful not to blow grass, leaves, and debris in public access areas such as pools and common use areas.
  • We fix and/or repair broken sprinkler heads. Even ones that were not damaged by us.
  • We keep an eye out when we’re on a property. If we see something that needs attention, even if it's beyond our scope, we notify the property manager. We noticed long ago how much we see that needs attention on a property while we are maintaining it. We found out that notifying the proper people, in a lot of cases, saved them money by preventing costly repairs down the road.
  • We take extreme care on setting proper mowing height, trimming hedges straight and symmetrical, and picking up debris on the lawn.
  • Most importantly; we are always available to talk to and address your needs.
  • Communication. We keep in contact on a regular basis to address our clients concerns. We also provide you with a managers direct phone line who is responsible for your property. We also provide E-mail communication if so desired.

We treat every property as our own. We take enormous pride in knowing many people see our work.

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